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Why 9Positions?

  • We make baseball and softball players 25% better, year over year. We give players the best, offering you professional grade gear, superior training, education and support.
  • Batster & Committ, our free assessment tools, helps you find the bat or glove that’s perfect for you. Our recommendation engine helps you find the bat that best matches your body type, playing style, strength/speed levels and more.
  • If you’re a member of our exclusive Crackerjack Club, you’ll receive Free Replacements of your custom bat and glove and Free Overnight Delivery on any order.
  • As a member, you’ll have regular access to Pro, Big League and Hall of Fame players ensuring you learn from the best. We also give you access to top rated doctors, expert trainers, kinesiologists and physical therapists.
  • We’re only focused on one thing: baseball and softball players. Little leaguers, adult players, collegiate athletes, semi-pro and pro athletes – it doesn’t matter. If you play baseball or softball, our focus is on you.
  • Get the performance edge you need with our regular training seminars, workshops and events. Improve your skills quickly with innovative drills and techniques. Attract the attention of top scouts and sponsors. Members receive Free Access to 9Positions events and our training vault.
  • 180 day return policy and Free Shipping both ways with our “MittStar Guarantee.” Join the Crackerjack Club and guarantee results with our “No Jack Guarantee.”
  • 24 hour, same-day priority phone support for Crackerjacks. Same-day support for non-members, with support via SMS, email and live chat.


360° View of Perfection


Happy Customers Say

One of the best custom options

For $ 170 these gloves are amazing and one of the best custom options out there. When I first saw this I was amazed. The leather on this glove is some of the smoothest I have ever felt. Definitely the best on a catchers mitt. The liner is so smooth and this leather is awesome. This can compete with some of the big dogs. The pattern is great, the laces are thick and I cannot get over the leather. Wow.

Everything that I wanted

I get great customer service, which is priceless. Andre pretty much filled everything that I wanted, especially with the customization of the bat. And I think that's just huge. In younger ballplayers, I don't think that makes much of a difference because I think they don't even know what their swing is yet. They don't know what's going to be helpful for them, what's going to be conducive to put the ball in play and getting some longevity out of a bat. But I think as you get older you kind of realize what your more comfortable with and being able to customize that is so important.

Better than expected

Anyone in the market for a custom glove or one in general should seriously look into these gloves. These would be great for a youth player or a high level player because 9 positions tells me that a couple of minor league players use these. They remind me of Glovesmith elites with better leather. Overall I am shocked on the quality of these gloves. They are a great deal and should be considered more.


Player Power-ups

Are you better than the other players?

You could be.

Most players aren’t very good at the game.  It’s not because they lack the talent or ability, it’s because they lack the tools and training they need to be all-stars.  What if there was a way to improve your game by 25% year-over-year?